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Signs Indicating Your Car Needs a Mechanic in Sydney

Sometimes, your vehicle will give off suspicious signs that might tell you that your car needs a mechanic. Watch out for anything out of the ordinary that you might feel, see, hear, or smell about your vehicle’s health. Spotting these signs in time can help diagnose potential automotive malfunctions and avoid costly repairs.

After reading the information below, use your senses to determine when it’s time to quickly bring your car to Merit Muffler Brake & Wheel for a thorough inspection. Our reliable shop in Sydney has trained and certified mechanics to promptly fix your vehicle.

Watch out for the Signs of a Car Breakdown

Here are a few ways to tell if something is wrong with your vehicle, and you should head to your local mechanic.


Do You Feel Anything Unordinary?

Some suspicious symptoms which indicate that you require an automobile mechanic are:


  • Front-end shimmy

  • Unusual or intermittent vibration

  • Shaking of steering wheel 


Do You Hear Unique or Strange Noises?

Visit your mechanic if you hear these peculiar sounds coming from your car:


  • Clunking

  • Noise when turning

  • Clacking

  • Clicking

  • Chickachicka

  • Squeaking

  • Leaking air sound


Do You See Anything New or Questionable?

Some common problems you might see are:


  • Unusual lights

  • Leakage

  • Flickering


Do You Smell Anything Weird?

Some strange smells might be a warning sign that your car may urgently need an auto repair shop. These are:


  • Gas

  • Oil

  • Burning

Visit Merit Muffler Brake & Wheel located in Sydney, Nova Scotia or call us to discuss your auto service needs with one of our professional technicians.

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