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Right to Repair

As a vehicle owner seeking repair and maintenance services, here is everything you need to know about your rights related to auto services.


Did you know?

  • You don’t need to take your car for servicing to the dealer to keep your vehicle warranty intact.

  • A warranty cannot impose using a specific brand of replacement parts offered by your dealer.

Regardless of what type or model of vehicle you drive, from foreign to domestic cars, we can help safeguard your vehicle's warranty. By using quality auto parts from Advance Auto Parts combined with professional service, our skilled auto mechanics can perform end-to-end maintenance and repairs your vehicle needs without voiding the vehicle warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions by New or Leased Vehicle Owners

Check out the common questions asked by our new or leased vehicle owners.

Q. Is It Mandatory for Me to Use Only the Original Equipment Parts of the Manufacturer to Maintain My Warranty?

A. Within the legal ambit, automakers cannot restrict or propagate which parts will be used in your vehicle's service. You have the liberty to select quality parts from any brand, such as auto parts from Advance Auto Parts. Whether you are looking to replace hoses, fan belts, brakes, exhaust or chassis, you can select any part without voiding your warranty.


Q. What Effort Can I Make to Keep the Vehicle Warranty on My Car or Truck in Effect?

A. Your owner's manual or vehicle warranty booklet specifies the right vehicle service schedule. Ensure to keep up with the recommended vehicle servicing requirements and carefully maintain records of each maintenance visit. Each invoice should have crucial details mentioned, like the vehicle service date, vehicle identification number, parts installed, and mileage. If your owner’s manual provides you with a service log, use it.


Q. Am I Responsible for the Maintenance of My Leased Vehicle?

A. Even if your car is leased, the burden of keeping up with routine maintenance and repairs is yours. Ensure that your car receives all the care it needs to stay in good working condition as prescribed in the vehicle owner's manual.


Q. How Frequently Do I Need to Replace Auto Parts? And What Parts Would These Be?

A. Part replacement requirements are always outlined in a vehicle owner's manual. It will tell you about specific auto parts and their service intervals. Make a note of these requirements, along with any exceptions or severe service notations. Vehicle warranties will have you protected against various auto problems given that you must follow the prescribed auto maintenance and service requirements.

Q. Do I Have to Visit My Dealer Every Time My New Car Needs Repairs Such as a Brake Job or Services Other than the Regularly Scheduled Maintenance? Will Any of These Repairs Be Covered under My Vehicle Warranty?

A. As the vehicle owner, you have the liberty to decide where you would want to have your car serviced or repaired. However, you will have to take the car to your dealer for repairs covered under the vehicle warranty. Go through your vehicle warranty information to determine the repairs covered under warranty.


Q. Is There a Vast Difference in the Quality of Aftermarket Parts in Comparison with Original Equipment Parts?

A. Some aftermarket auto parts are manufactured by the same supplier and even have longer warranties than the original equipment parts. The aftermarket parts manufactured by Advance Auto Parts meet and even exceed your original equipment manufacturers' specifications.


Q. What Rights Do I Have to Protect Me in Case I Have a Warranty-related Problem with My Dealership?

A. If you are in a situation of conflict with your dealership, your car manufacturer’s customer service department will be able to assist. They emphasize customer satisfaction and will be able to provide a solution.

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